Building Skins

Like our bodies, building structures need to be maintained and taken care of. The building facade acts like our skin to keep out the elements of our environment and protect the building “skeleton”. Occasionally, through years of weathering or improper construction, problems with building facades develop. Problems with facades can be complex especially when dealing with historic structures and older building materials such as brick, terra cotta, and limestone. Our team has experience in providing design, assessment, and rehabilitation of building skins and facades for architects, owners, and developers at all stages of the project. As architects continue to push the envelope of building form, building exteriors have become exceedingly more intricate. Our engineers have the capability to perform detailed design of all types of facades to meet the scope and budget of your project. Whether contracted as a standalone service or as a part of a larger project, we can work with you to help maximize efficiency and constructability.

  • Façade Failure Investigation
  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Façade Assessment
  • Repair, Rehabilitation, and Recladding Design